TürkTraktör Introducing smart agricultural products to farmers in collaboration with Trimble


TürkTraktör Introducing smart agricultural products to farmers in collaboration with Trimble

TürkTraktör, Turkey’s leading agricultural mechanization company, collaborates with Trimble, the world’s leading brand in precision farming technologies. Continue its efforts to facilitate the transition of Turkish agriculture and farmers to high technology and contribute to more efficient production. TürkTraktör has taken another step forward by taking on Trimble’s authorized sales distribution in Turkey. They work to provide authorized service for Trimble products, TürkTraktör showcased its latest and most advanced Trimble products at the Bursa Agricultural Show.

TürkTraktör Deputy Commercial General Manager Ahmet Canbeyli said that in addition to the latest models of tractors and agricultural equipment, the world leader in agricultural technology, Trimble brought its products to farmers at the agricultural fair and of Bursa Livestock, Ahmet Canbeyli said: “As TürkTraktör, Our main objective is to equip the farmer with the most modern and advanced technologies. To this end, while meeting the needs for tractors and in equipments of our farmers for 67 years, in 2019 we brought together both satellite automatic guided tractors and automatic transmission tractor semi-trailers with our manufacturers as domestic production. We are now taking another step forward with Trimble in our efforts to integrate technology into agricultural mechanization. As an authorized distributor of Trimble in Turkey, which is widely used in regions such as America, Europe and Australia, where agriculture is professionally managed, is a very important step taken in accompanying the targeted digital transformation of our country’s agriculture. In addition, as TürkTraktör, we are starting to provide our approved after-sales services to our farmers who use Trimble products in a short time. Through autopilot, yield mapping, flow control, telematics and farm management systems, we offer our farmers the opportunity to increase their working performance and achieve the highest yield at from the lowest surface. “

Precision agricultural products, for which technical support and warranty services are provided by TürkTraktör, were among the show’s most significant technologies. Precision agricultural products, which are highly preferred in New Holland TDD and CAS IH JX Tractors group, can be applied to all makes and models of tractors. These systems, which greatly reduce the margin of error especially in tractors working with large agricultural implements, can also be used in suitable agricultural implements, in particular self-propelled harvesters.

New Holland MasterDrive and CASE IH ProGuide domestic automatic steering:
TürkTraktör, which started the production of Case IH ProGuide and New Holland Masterdrive tractors with domestic factory automatic steering system in 2019, developed these products with its new solution at Bursa agriculture fair and presented it to our farmers. Factory-fitted MasterDrive and ProGuide tractors, which provide precision 1-inch steering, are available as an option in the TDD and JX 90-100-110 models. Thanks to the automatic steering system existing in the factory, which allows to work with maximum precision, operator errors are avoided, while overlapping rows are avoided, maximum efficiency in agricultural activities such as planting, fertilization, hoeing, spraying is achieved and input costs are minimized.


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