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MADURAI: Even as garbage continues to accumulate in the Mattuthavani flower market, which poses a danger to the health of the public, the Madurai company and the Agricultural Marketing Committee (AMC), in the premises of which the walked, passed the buck to who should take care of it.
There are 300 shops on the premises of the AMC including 104 in the flower market. A few hundred kilograms of waste generated by these stores, which is a mixture of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste, including plastic waste, had accumulated for weeks together. The merchants say that while the stench emanating from the pile is unbearable, it also makes it easier for mosquitoes to breed. The market has witnessed a huge crowd lately which has resulted in good sales and thus generated more waste.
G Sethuraman, a resident of Bibikulam, said: “The stench of garbage is terrible, especially after a rain. There is a lot of thermocol and plastic bag waste mixed in with flower waste. Rainwater stagnates and provides fertile ground for the reproduction of dengue-vector mosquitoes. The authorities should take steps to clean it up immediately, ”he said.
S Ramachandran, president of the flower market, said he had informed city authorities to dispose of the waste. They cleaned it from time to time, but this time they delayed the work. He said the market also lacks clean toilets and drinking water facilities.
However, a Madurai company official said that it is the responsibility of the agriculture marketing committee to dispose of the waste, as it falls under the category of bulk waste generators. Although they set up a composting center on site, they were not using it. They have all the resources to do so since they collect rents from businesses. “We disposed of the waste every now and then on the basis of a promise that they would resume composting on site soon, but they never took it back,” the official said.
An agricultural marketing official said that a private person voluntarily set up the composting facility on site, but it was not viable for them because they could not market the manure. In addition, with the market being closed due to the pandemic, they had to shut it down. The official said they were planning to meet with the commissioner of the Madurai company to ask him to deal with the waste.
“The Madurai company collects tax from individual stores. The civic body can view the stores as individual entities and take responsibility for cleaning up the garbage, ”the official added.

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