Finance Minister Sharma stresses resource mobilization to shore up economy


Finance Minister Janardan Sharma stressed the need to mobilize resources and capital in an integrated manner to strengthen the country’s economy.

The objectives and vision of the budget have been clear and would meet the needs of the country, he said while answering questions raised by lawmakers during today’s meeting of the National Assembly on the bill appropriations for the next financial year 2022/23.

Presenting the figure of Rs 358 billion of imports of agricultural products on average each year, the Minister indicated that an incentive policy has been transmitted to discourage imports by increasing exports. Emphasis was placed on the development of entrepreneurship and the rural economy.

Connecting the center to the local level through concrete roads, increasing industrial production, developing the tourism sector and lifting people out of poverty have been in the government’s priorities, he said.

Pledging to fully report on next year’s budget, the minister said the current government would take full ownership of it. The government handled policies on the subject of electric vehicles with a clear vision and restrictions on the import of luxury vehicles were in place, he said.

Arrangements have been made for the government to purchase sanitary napkins worth Rs 2 billion produced in the country, he said, expressing hope that the country’s economy will be affected to some extent by the increase in fuel prices on the international market would be reinforced thanks to the implementation of the policies, programs and budget of the government.

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