Belgian Agricultural Marketing Office obtains an additional 2.4 million euros in EU grants


From January 1, 2022, five applications from the Flemish Office for the Marketing of Agriculture and Fisheries (VLAM) will be able to count on European co-financing. These promote organic products, vegetables, fruits, fresh and processed potatoes and veal. Thus, VLAM can focus on inspiring and informing local consumers. They can also focus on sustainability and go the extra mile in the UK market.

We can be quite proud of this result. More and more organizations are submitting solid dossiers. But, the promotion budget is increasingly limited and the rules stricter, ” says Leen Guffens, VLAM operations manager. “VLAM continuously tries to obtain additional resources which benefit Flemish producers. And it is paying off: thanks to our years of experience, our success rate is twice the European average.

The VLAM submitted nine files. They have all been approved, but four have not been completed. Indeed, the EU’s resources are not large enough to subsidize all well-rated projects. The four non-subsidized files relate to two ornamental plant projects, a dairy product export campaign and a youth vegetable campaign.

However, five projects can count on EU grants:

They already have an ongoing European campaign for organic products. Today, Europe has validated a complementary file for an online communication project. The current EU program focuses on reaching selected target groups through high impact media such as television. This second campaign will strengthen the presence of organic in online communication. A well-thought-out content marketing strategy will reach target groups with economic potential with the right messages. This includes banners, native advertising, social media, videos, and collaborating with influencers.

Budget: € 704,942 including € 493,460 of EU subsidy.
Duration: Three years.

Fruit, Vegetable and Potato Sustainability Campaign
Together, the potato and fruit and vegetable sectors of VLAM will highlight the Council’s efforts on sustainability. This will be done through a collaborative project in Belgium, France and Germany. The campaign is primarily aimed at public relations campaigns. For Belgian consumers, advertorials in newspapers and magazines will complete the communication. They will reach local and foreign professional target groups mainly through LinkedIn. As well as advertisements in the trade press and participation in trade fairs (ie Fruit Logistica and Interpom).

Budget: € 1,242,822, € 869,975 EU grant
Duration: Three years.

Export campaign of processed potatoes to the United Kingdom
The UK is a major market for processed potatoes. However, Brexit could put pressure on VLAM’s position in the market. This is why VLAM has developed a proposal for a European project. The quality of Belgian processed potatoes and its sustainable production (from cultivation to processing) can be honored. It is in the UK retail, restaurant and wholesale sectors. The project aims to maintain VLAM’s market share. And to perpetuate the image of Belgium as a quality and sustainable partner.

Budget: € 374,387, € 299,510 from EU grant
Duration: Two years.

Fruits and vegetables in the UK
Belgian players in the fruit and vegetable sector want to remain active in the UK market, even after Brexit. With European funds, VLAM will set up an information campaign. It will consolidate and increase exports of fresh fruit and vegetables to the UK. It will be called “Taste of Europe UK”. The topics covered are durability, quality and premium flavor.

Budget: € 533,930, € 427,144 of EU subsidy.
Duration: Three years.

To market veal, VLAM is once again a partner in a follow-up campaign to the one already underway with France, Italy and the Netherlands. It aims to highlight the importance of European veal production and the know-how of calf farming. Veal is, after all, a uniquely European product. The VLAM will use the resources to set up various campaigns to promote veal meat in the points of sale. As well as in the hospitality industry and directly to consumers. These include collaborations with chefs and influencers. In addition to developing new recipes, workshops, store materials and a website.

Budget: € 2,333,332 including € 1,749,999 from the EU grant.
Duration: One year.

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