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Washington, DC – The United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Marketing Service will not make any changes to U.S. standards for sorghum, the agency said in a document filed with the Federal Register released on Wednesday, Aug. 25.

The agency noted that two comments had been received on the standards.

AMS received a comment from the national commodity organization representing sorghum producers indicating that the producers were confident that the current standards were working for the market and recommended AMS not to change the standards.

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Additionally, the commentary recommended three areas where producers might wish to engage in discussions with AMS in the future.

These areas were: Potential for new classes of sorghum; research to develop an electronic instrument for odor determination; and change the unit of measure for sorghum from one hundred bushel weight.

AMS received a joint comment from two organizations representing grain elevator operators who said the standards met market needs and did not need to be changed.

The joint comment agreed with the position of the national commodity organization on future areas of research. AMS welcomes the opportunity to engage with stakeholders on these issues.

To read the Federal Register filing, click here.

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