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BATAVIA – A Batavia manufacturing, repairing and manufacturing company in the city of Batavia is less than 5 years old, but received the Agricultural Company of the Year award from the Genesee County Chamber of Commerce.

L&M Specialty Fabrication, LLC, 4868 East Saile Drive, offers services ranging from the repair of broken accessories and part replacement to the design and manufacture of harvesting machinery.

“We manufacture, manufacture and repair on a personal level, creating or modifying heavy equipment for farmers and construction companies. In addition to manufacturing jobs, we also sell common farm equipment repair needs like ball bearings, sprockets and chains, ”the company says on its website.

Manufacturer Matt Geissler said L&M started in 2017 as a custom build and repair shop. The company is now in a $ 2.2 million facility.

“I’m a partner in the business, but I’m a manufacturer, a repairman in the shop,” said Geissler, who co-founded the company with manufacturer Lee Shuknecht and managing director Sarah Geissler. “At this location, we’ve been here since 2019. We originally started in a rented building in Albion. We had a lot of support from the farming community from the moment we started with new materials and ideas. We’ve never really had a slack period since.

“We have become a supplier of parts for farms,” he said. “We manufacture our own line of equipment and we have also expanded repair capabilities. We mainly manufacture agricultural equipment from scratch. We also perform many repairs on construction and industrial equipment. Pretty much anything that everyone has an idea for, we can build, repair, or modify.

L & M’s facility is approximately 23,000 square feet.

“The office and rooms and our hydraulics are in the front part of the building. The entire back of the building is dedicated to fabrication and repair, ”he said. “We plan to expand to free up warehouse space for repairs that are currently being used for storage. “

Geissler said L&M started out with, basically, just a welder and a few hand tools.

“We have become C&C Equipment and we have developed a lot in this line, as well as many really competent employees to be able to take on more workload and provide better service. We have 10 people working in the store and we have three people in the office doing the invoicing, ordering, accounting, stuff like that, ”he said.

Matt Geissler and Sarah Geissler said they learned of the price’s existence during a late January call from the county chamber of commerce.

“We went out into the store and told everyone. I think everyone was pleasantly surprised that a company as young as us was awarded this award, ”said Matt Geissler.

The Chamber told L&M that one of the reasons it got the award was how quickly it was able to grow to where it is now, as well as the services L&M provides to farmers in the area, a said Matt Geissler.

“We deal with a large majority of the farming community. Hopefully we can support most of these people, ”he said. “Being able to be recognized and knowing that people appreciate all the hard work that goes into supporting the farming community is good.

On the County Chamber of Commerce website, the chamber said of L&M: “Being in the farmer’s market, they manufacture and repair used farm equipment for a variety of customers in Genesee counties, d ‘Orleans and Wyoming. They are best known for their TurboTop onion harvester (very popular on Elba Island). However, their business is innovation driven and most clients present them with a unique problem for which L&M is asked to design a solution.

“The Genesee County Chamber commends L&M Specialty Fabrication for its creativity and business acumen in the agriculture industry and its commitment to growing locally in Genesee County, New York. We are happy to announce them and honor them as the Farm Business of the Year 2020. ”

Matt Geissler said L&M would like to thank its dedicated employees.

Many of them have been with us from the very beginning and would do anything to help our clients which has helped us be successful from the start. L&M is always looking to expand or diversify its products, he said.

“I think a big area where we grow, really on a daily basis, is our parts store and our hydraulic side of the business, just so we can have a lot of parts on hand to help customers when they are down. and want to get up and go again, ”said Matt Geissler.

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